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The Problem
Our memories are far from perfect and we forget lessons learned in the past. A year from now, will you remember the web campaigns that made you successful or that fell short? Will you remember how you stacked up against your competitors? Over time will you remember the designs you tested and how your site evolved? You must know the past to successfully plan the future.
The Solution
Recite provides software as a service that allows you to archive public web pages you are interested in tracking over time. Recite allows you to search for and review these archived versions to see how they've evolved. Recite is like the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine but it is under your control. You decide what to collect, when to collect it, and who can access your archive.
Recite gives you the power to collect the web pages that are most important to you, organizing them in archives called Recitals. Each Recital allows you to determine the list of URLs to be archived, the frequency of archival, the width of pages captured, and even set up notifications when new archives are created.
Recite provides easy ways to search and browse through your archive. Archived pages can be compared side by side to see what has changed on a page. You can also compare how your site stacked up to the competition in the past.
Recite delivers compelling analysis tools and makes the evolution of often subtle visual changes easy to detect. For instance, you can overlay two pages to see differences and you can highlight changes with the click of a button.
Recite presents an overview of your archive in a Dashboard. Each Recital is shown in a tile with the latest captured page's thumbnail displayed. The Dashboard provides quick links to create or edit Recitals and to search or browse your archive.
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