Campaign and Promotion Planning

The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is … that you haven’t given them anything else to care about.

Seth Godin, American author and former dot com business executive via

What steps do you go through to plan your campaigns and promotions?

Like most retailers, you probably have a few key selling seasons that make or break your year. To prepare for these critical moments, your playbook might contain things like,

  • Allocating a budget
  • Identifying your target customers
  • Creating a promotion calendar
  • Selecting key products to promote
  • Preparing marketing content
  • Enhancing your sales channels
  • Setting up discounts
  • Monitoring the campaign
Promotion Planning

Every activity in this list requires many decisions to be made and any mistakes along the way can have dramatic negative impacts on your business. Even the best marketing and merchandising analysts, who can lean on instincts honed by many years of experience, have stress during these times because they know it’s easy to get it wrong.

Commercial web analytics platforms alleviate some of these stresses by showing you a dizzying volume of numbers you can parse to figure out what’s worked historically and what’s failed. You can leverage this historical data to repeat your successes and avoid past mistakes. What these platforms lack is a clear understanding of what your customer experienced on your site in seasons past.

To truly understand how a promotion worked, you need to combine the sales and profitability numbers you might pull from Google Analytics with insight into the navigation, images, copy, calls to action, and other visual elements that go into a shopping experience. To effectively plan the future, you must have access to what was seen in the past.

How can Recite help?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Recite provides you with the ability to archive key pages on your site, capturing everything presented to the customer as they browse. You configure the pages you want to archive, the frequency pages are captured, and the device types you’d like Recite to emulate.

In the background, Recite saves these captured pages in the cloud in a secure account you control. You can search and browse your archive to rewind time and gain insights.

Seeing the evolution of your site and the changes to your promotional content can be truly enlightening! For an example, check out these snippets from a retailer’s Black Friday home page. Many different site wide discounts were advertised with varying results.

Black Friday Promotions, 2014 to 2019
Black Friday Promotions, 2014 to 2019

Recite also can be used to review sample funnels to see how promotion messaging varied from page to page in years past.

These are just a few examples where Recite can make a huge difference when you plan campaigns and promotions for your ecommerce business.


  1. Your site merchandising organization configures Recite to archive pages of your online store that feature campaign messaging every week or every day.
  2. When planning new promotions, each merchant should search and filter their archived pages to review marketing messages, advertised discounts, product placement and similar decisions made during similar timeframes in past years.
  3. Combine an understanding of your past promotions with analytics data you have from previous years to make the best decisions about what will work this season.

We hope you use Recite to enhance your campaign and promotion planning. If you’d like to give Recite a try, you can sign up for a free trial here.